2019 PSB Brewventure

2019 PSB Brewventure (Update)

Please make plans to join us on our 2019 Summer Beerventure. Detailed information will be forthcoming and updated as we confirm the details with the Breweries.

The Breweries that we will be potentially visiting include:

  • Benford Brewing - Confirmed. Will be opening early for us.
  • Legal Remedy - This will be our Lunch Stop
  • Slow Play
  • Dust Off
  • Amor Artis - Confirmed.

Amor Artis will be our last stop. They have a BBQ restaurant next door if people want to grab something for dinner to bring back on the bus.

The Cost will be similar to last year, $30 per person for PSB members and their spouse or 1 guest and $40 per person for non members. We should have plenty of room, so feel free to invite some non-brewing friends.