July 2019 Brew Session

Host: Wayne Brewer


Date is not 100% locked in just yet. This is what I am hoping for. I will know for sure in a couple of weeks. Backup date will be August 4th.

Food to be determined

I will be Brewing my Marzen for this Brew Session. I do a Triple Decoction Mash. Come out and see just how ridiculous it is. Bring a good arm for stirring grains. Gonna need some volunteers to keep it going. This is a relatively long brew day, and it will be hot. I will try to keep us shaded. If anyone would be interested I am looking for someone to brew this same recipe without Decoction, so we can do side by side tastings. That way I can stop brewing this beer the hard way, when it’s proven it doesn’t matter much. You could bring you equipment and do it the same day, or do it on your own schedule. It is a really solid recipe and this will be my 4th year Brewing it. Just message me if you are interested. Hope to see everyone there!